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Local Internet Marketing & Google Maps SEO

Local SEO Google Maps Optimization

Why Optimize for Local Search?
Why spend more and more money to advertise in the Yellow Pages when you can list your business online? Did you know that there are nearly 2 billion online local searches performed every month? People are beginning to turn to the Internet to find companies to serve their needs, so why not be there where they are actually searching?

Our Services

To help you expand your business’ local identity, we use our extensive resources to list your business in over 100 online directories, including directories on major search engines.

  • We correct, update, and enhance your current online listing or will create a new one for you.
  • We optimize your local listing by including all information that consumers are looking for: products or services offered, specialties, brands carried, payment methods and hours of operation, among others.
  • We manage your listings in up to 100 top search engines, specialty directories and the Internet Yellow Pages.
  • We promote your business listing so you receive a tremendous increase of calls and customers.

Benefits of Local Search Optimization

Along with providing your potential customers with information about your business, you can also link to your website where they can further explore your products and services.

  • Reach the more than 90% of US consumers that are searching online.
  • Rank higher in local search databases with an optimized listing.
  • Motivate ready-to-buy consumers to visit your website and request more information.
  • Promote your local identity and online brand presence.
  • Be found by people searching for a local business for significantly less than it costs to advertise in the Yellow Pages.

Dominate Your Local Search Market With Our Advanced, Proven Strategies

Many of our clients experience a massive boost in traffic, leads, and sales through our local search optimization program. This is not surprising because our area expertise is SEO (search engine optimization), so it wasn’t difficult for us to achieve mastery in the local arena also.

Here is how our Local Search Domination program works:

Keyword Research – Prior to optimizing your business listing, we use in-depth research tools to determine exactly what keyword phrases your top consumers are entering in the search engines to locate you. Targeting the most lucrative keywords will allow us to position you for a massive boost in revenue. We want to help you grow as a business, and we understand that you need increases in revenue for that to happen.

Competition Analysis – Next, we evaluate the level of competition. We take extensive measures to determine the appropriate locations and keywords to target. If it’s a very competitive keyword, we’ll search for additional keywords that also receive excellent traffic, and plan a strategy for you to rank in the top spot. We’ll NEVER target low visitor keywords only to claim we got you to #1!

Develop Your Digital Assets For Google’s Places Promotion – Following you signing up, we’ll send you a simple questionnaire to complete that will help us understand every bit of relevant information about your business that we need to properly promote your company. We piece together digital “assets” that we use for all our promotional activities, which includes includes: videos, logos, photos and coupons. Google puts a high value upon having a fully completed listing with rich media components.

Claim the business listing within Google, Yahoo and Bing – These are the 3 major search engines that account for at least 95% of Local Search traffic. Even though Google is the eight-hundred pound gorilla, Bing and Yahoo still host a substantial amount of traffic that’s worthy of your business’ presence.

Your local business listings must be expertly crafted and configured with very specific elements if you want to receive any kind of prominence or placement for your keywords..

Dominate Directories – Google searches all over the web for citations from additional directories. The more citations your company receives, the higher Google is going to rank you. Our company’s state-of-the-art submission solution permits us to insert your company listing in over one-hundred yellow page directories, local directories, mobile phone directories, 411 directories, On star and GPS systems. We then take it a step further and run our in-house “Citation Burst” program that explodes your local citations across thousands of different platforms.

Why Us For Local Search Marketing?

Being an established SEO company, it’s our job to master the search engines. We have spent over a decade practicing search engine optimization, and local search is just a different category of SEO. It’s often refered to as “local seo”.

Local SEO, and any SEO for that matter, is our area of expertise. Getting found online is a goal we accomplish every day, for both ourselves our clients. We understand the landscape of search, local or national, even international. The point is, it wasn’t difficult for us to master local search marketing, and now we have total precision for every local marketing initiative we undertake.

We have dozens of happy local business clients.
Will you be next?

Contact us today for a free Internet marketing consultation and website analysis. Our experts are standing by to help you determine the best online marketing solutions that will bring your business the greatest growth.

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Get a Complimentary SEO Website Analysis

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