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OC SEO Guarantee & Refund Policy

Guaranteed SEO ServicesWe believe in providing our clients with Guaranteed Digital Marketing Services. Many SEO/Online Marketing companies do not offer guaranteed services and claim that they have no control over Google, (which is true, SEO companies do not) but the reality is why would you hire a company to provide services for thousands of dollars with no guarantee at all? What if that SEO Company takes your money and does not provide you with any results, and you end up losing your marketing budget?

We are a performance driven company that delivers guaranteed results.
We feel that if we were customers about to hire an SEO Company or Digital Marketing Agency, we would want some kind of insurance policy before handing over thousands of dollars to someone promising you the world.

Think about it, would you hire us today without feeling secure about what we will be delivering to you? If you would, you might as well go place $3,000 on the roulette table at some casino. You want to hire a trustworthy company that offers AFFORDABLE seo services and reputation management services and guarantees your placement results with a "100% Client Success Guarantee" policy.

We want to earn your business, and have a long term relationship. We know this won’t happen if we don’t deliver something amazing. Even better, our services are month-to-month, no contract or required long term commitment.

How It Works

NOTE: This policy pertains to SEO, Reputation Management, Website Design, Social Media, and all OC SEO Marketing Services and Consulting.

The "Primary Period" is a six month "proof of performance"period that begins with the live launch of the website on the Internet (if the website is designed by or, when the site is launched by the clients web designer and turned over to our team for optimization.

a) If SEO rankings, reputation repair results, and/or other milestones (as per agreed contract) are not accomplished by the 6-month calendar maturation of the primary period, the client has the option to request a no-cost continuation of service until results are achieved, after the completion of the primary period. With this type of arrangement, we take the pressure off of you, and put it back on us. It is a big responsibility, and we take it very seriously. With this type of relationship, we can provide a

No Risk, 100% Client Success Guarantee

b) When the request is made for OC SEO to continue the search work with no refund, billing will stop immediately and, as a courtesy to the client will provide an additional 3 (three) months of services until results are achieved.

Refund Policy Enhancements

We have found the following client benefits and enhancements to be the most practical terms for our clients to receive the maximum benefit from our programs. These guidelines are designed to ensure best practices, to protect the integrity of our services, and preserve the value of our services for the client.

a) Contract may be cancelled at anytime. If cancellation occurs during the primary period a refund will not be granted. While future fees will be discontinued or possibly discounted in your favor, prorated refunds will not be given.

b) SEO elements require precise optimization. It is our responsibility to ensure all variables meet specific standards. If any changes to content, alt tags, images, keywords, design layout, structure, meta tags, and/or any website copy or elements including menus on the website are made by the client or client’s agent (such as a web designer) without agreement by, no refund will be granted. Following these guidelines allows us to ensure that all techniques are kept consistent with proper current internet marketing standards.

c) Relationship compliance with best practices. It is our responsibility to stay current on industry trends and provide appropriate feedback on best practices for your website. If our advice and "white hat" best practice recommendations or change suggestions are refused or denied compliance by the client, a refund will be denied. This includes but is not limited to: changing web content, coding, website navigation, page structure, keyword density, and external linking we do not recommend.

d) must be the exclusive search engine optimization provider. If another or alternative SEO company is hired and/or the client performs their own search engine optimization, or if a 3rd party agency, reseller, "white label" company, or consultant is positioned to resell OC SEO services or is serving as an intermediary between OC SEO and the end-client receiving the work, no refunds or continuation of work will be granted.

e) Positive reputation and inclusion in the search results. Search engine placement and reputation repair depends on our ability to improve the website's relationship with the search engines. Any domains that are de-indexed, become de-indexed, are blacklisted or become blacklisted due to client’s actions will not be granted a refund. Further, if any persons, directly affiliated or indirectly involved with the brand/company/website online reputation, create or produce new negative material, content, search results, or other listings that interfere with OC SEO's efforts to promote and protect the brand/person/client receiving reputation services, the guarantee of results is void and will be subject to the discretion of OC SEO senior management technical staff.

f) Website accessibility and availability. We strive to deliver valuable results, and can only do so with full access to the client website. A refund or continuation will not be approved if our team is denied access to the website we were hired to service, or if the site is offline and/or not available for public viewing on the Internet.

g) Payments processed are considered final. Initial fees and monthly recurring payments are immediately allocated to marketing resources, website analysis, engineering search engine placement, onsite and offsite optimization, content development, press releases writing and distribution, and more. Initial fees and monthly payments are non-refundable because those payments are immediately reinvested into marketing and promotion efforts for your website/brand. Please understand that ultimately, we want to earn your business and maintain our relationship. We know that's not possible if we don't deliver high quality results.

h) Pre-payments and promotions are optional. We always offer our clients the option of saving some costs on marketing services by paying multiple months upfront. When a client invests in multiple months of service or receives services at a discounted rate OC SEO does not offer a refund or complimentary continuation. Senior management may always re-evaluate the relationship at the maturation of the primary period to exercise discretion in the determination of whether or not to continue complimentary services.

i) On-time payments are important. Your monthly services payments are required to be paid on-time for the continuation of service through the primary period and beyond. Late payments or partial/incomplete payments void any guarantees of service. Payments for marketing and development services are needed to allocate resources of time, materials, creative, promotion, and advertising costs.

j) Open for business services. We understand the value of staying in business, and having a great website to represent you. If a client goes out of business, changes the initially approved website URL and/or approved primary keyword list a refund or continuation will not be granted.

k) Deliver-ability of Services. We require our team to deliver the agreed upon services in the most efficient and professional ways possible. A refund or continuation of services will not be applicable if the client limits our team from performing service obligations in any way, or if client chooses to customize the scope of work pre-defined in the service agreement or packages.
We maintain a client-centric mindset in every department, process, and transaction. We always look for ways to enhance the client’s business, and the results of our guaranteed SEO services.

Contact us today and let us earn your business. We look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Call Us Today: (949) 494-0007

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